Do you worry about the future?

Hey guys, as above, i do, i hope my quality of life wll improve, thoughts?

I hope I don’t end up homeless after my parents die.


I have severe anxiety about the future. I can’t cope with stress and I have a low stress tolerance.


I worry. I live with my parents and they are getting to retirement age. It’s just odd to see them older now. I think about what will happen if they are gone. Worst comes to worst I’ll just have to force a job and be paranoid.

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Yes, and there’s no hope. I want to move to a place that’s 5x my current rent. Pretty hopeless, unless I win the lottery.

Im working part time and expecting to get any form of disability allowance. My mom probably will leave the flat for me. So ill have to pay for bills only. If needed I can work full time, im a part timer now.

I’m scared for me to be alone in this house. I never thought that this will happen to me alone and forgotten.


I don’t have no choice who I live with as in group home. The company are moving unsavoury people in as they have the biggest funding packages and with this company it’s all about money. We have had a fecal smearer, arsonist who set two staffs cars on fire, homophobe who was very homophobic towards me. Drugs users and drink dependent people, this is the last 3 years.

I can’t move as social services are making it difficult for me to move. I don’t have access to my own money as deemed lacking capacity, they are being difficult in getting me another capacity assessment. So I’m stuck here with this bad anxiety who they are going to move in next time.

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I hope my parents out live me. They worry about that. It would destroy my mom.

I think my family would fall apart.

I worry a lot.

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I dont worry about the future but

i hope my life progresses and improves like

having a family of my own like my own wife n kids

I worry about it all the time. I wonder how I’ll survive


Me too. I’m scared if my husband divorces me I’d be destitute. Or if he dies before me I worry that I will be unable to cope with all the logistics of business affairs.

I also worry about if my teeth will last me my life or if I will ever get my licence. And what would happen if my parents die. And about my physical health - especially as my mother and grandmother both had cancer. At least my mom survived it though!

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I don’t know what the future will hold. I wonder about being able to go to work someday again. It seems so unattainable. I just fold under the weight of stress normally. But lately I’ve been holding up. So maybe there’s hope. I just don’t know, I think about it all the time though. What if something happens to Social Security? What would I do? Would I be able to cope? Would I be homeless? What would become of me? Yes I worry.

I think I will win the lottery with Vraylar as I had no negative symptoms at all on Abilify. Both are partial dopamine agonists like Rexulti.


Yes I worry about losing my mom ill be alone and homeless

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Im worried I’ll have my disability cut off and I’ll wind up sleeping in a tent, I’m also paranoid everyday that I will open my front door and some one could jump out at me…
I’m also scared of the government cracking down on people with disabilities and putting us in concentration camps to promote a eugenic society.
Im also in fear of my delusions and NWO.


I worry too. I’m barely holding on to my job, which I hate, but have to stick to to keep afloat. I don’t have any other job prospects. Not sure what I’m going to do or how I’m going to live in the future. also I haven’t had any hope I finding a serious significant other, so there’s worry about always being alone

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I’m 30 and I live with my mom, she’s the only real family I have. I barely have any other supports in place though and I’m terrified of what will happen to me when my mom is gone, I also think my chances of meeting anyone are low :frowning:

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I worry about the future because my voices keep getting worse and worse.

I live alone and have arthritis. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I have surgery and have to be cared for. I just barely getting around right now. I’m 61 and don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m no longer able to care for myself.