I worked out!

I haven’t exercised in 5 months. I finally went to the gym tonight! I am still using the same workout journal from beofore I became MI (June 2015) since I never go. I was a bodybuilder (I am a woman) before I got sick and quit the gym due to tiredness and confusion. I used to leg press 100’s of pounds, curl 35’s, bench 150 etc. I wasn’t big at all (5’5", 122) but I was HELLA strong. I had a feminine but muscular body. I liked my body and enjoyed my hobby.

Tonight I leg pressed a little biddy 100 pounds on the sled and did dumbbell shoulder presses with 10’s. I could have gone heavier but don’t want to get super sore since I haven’t been to the gym in 5 months. I am 10 pounds heavier than my bodybuilding days and not even a quarter as strong.

I will never be in that kind of shape again. I am 48. You have to be extremely dedicated; 5 to 6 days a week for an hour to an hour and a half and, frankly, that isn’t even my goal anymore. I just want to be fit and toned (and healthy). That’s all. I was a bodybuilder for 22 years. That’s how I got so strong. I am not bodybuilder anymore. I am not going to lie. I miss my old body but it’s a new life. New goals.
Anyway, I finally went! Now i just need to keep going.


Well congrats I don’t exercise except the occasional 50-65 push-ups. Refresh my memory are you the one who used to make 100,000 a year? Can’t remember if it was you or someone else with 47 in their name.

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It was me. I used to make great money and have a great bod, lol.
Now I am out of shape, broke and, of course MI


well, that is so great you went to the gym !! good for you !!

Well MI sucks. I could’ve eventually made around 100,000 a year if I kept my job with the government. The pills make me not want to exercise. I used to have testosterone running through me that made me want to every once in a while.

I am tired all the time too. That is why I haven’t made it into the gym for months. it was a mediocre workout but I went. I hope to keep going if I can

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