I wonder what country has the most suffering


I think Africa because they don’t have enough food to eat and enough water to drink. But as far as suffering mentally I’m not sure. Although when you don’t have enough to eat or drink that effects you mentally also. I’ll have to google what country has the most suicides.


Geez dude. Think happy thoughts. There’s more pleasant things to google !


Hey it’s Christmas and we can eat as much as we want
Seems ironic when some people are starving this Christmas yet although I am aware of this I will still have a warm and comfortable Christmas with mince pies, turkey, chocolates


Lithuana (spelling) and south korea (spelling) have the most suicide rates.


Africa is a continent made up of countries. You’d be surprised how it functions overall. It is only when there is a famine torn area that the water and food issues arise and that is not every year. Japan has the highest suicide rate I believe.

The world is full of suffering, but I’d guess that Yemen has it the worst at the moment. War has a terrible impact on mental health.


North korea probably suffers the most over all… the have famine severe punishments strictly enforced by ss style goons… they lock away their mentally ill. All while fatboy is living it up…


I think probably Yemen


The jews suffered a lot because of Hitler.


The Native Indians of America suffered because of white colonials from Europe. Genocide on a scale larger than Hitler’s.


The germans suffered terribly after ww2… they just rounded them up and let them starve. They tried to cripple germany by getting rid of as many males as they could…

This may seem justified because of the jewish holocaust… but its not. They dont talk about this hardly ever…


Are you sure about this? If it’s true, I had no idea.
There’s no excuse for killing, unless self-defense or defense of one’s family, both to immediate danger. The rest of the killing is just a kind of terrorism implemented by


Yes im sure… they labeled them misplaced persons or persons in que…some crap… instead of prisoners of war… so they didnt have to comply with prisoners of war rules…


I would say America, but the whole country has been brainwashed to think everything is great.
The majority of Americans have some kind of illness whether through over vaccination, chemicals in food, gmos, fluoride, chemtrails, etc etc etc


My friend said a lot of countrries won’t report it because they are communists countries. That’s probably true.


Africa is actually not that bad. I’d go with Asia. Especially South East Asia.


I have Native American blood in me, and I don’t believe that. There were a lot of atrocities committed against the Indians, but nowhere near a scale like that.


I remember when I was young they said there were three billion people in the world, and two thirds of them lived in grinding poverty. Now they say there are six billion people in the world, and one third of them live in grinding poverty. Both ways it means there are two billion people on the planet living in grinding poverty. They’re making progress in a lot of countries. India still has lots of poor people, but they are making progress. Both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. That’s a real wild card.


And yet we freak out when NK wants some :joy: Same thing happening in our country that happens with them. We ■■■■ ■■■■ up, wait several generations later until nobody knows or cares about what our ancestors did that caused problems for other groups that they never recovered from and we just sit around saying “well I didn’t do it”. Same thing with the issue in the middle east. All that stems from the aftermath of WW2 and the border lines that were redrawn haha.

Actually that makes me curious of the new Star Wars films now. Luke’s story is always about facing the truth of his ancestry and his father since Luke gets his power from Anakin through genetic hereditary. And now he has to face his father’s legacy again through Kylo and Rey. He says the Jedi must end, but I think that’s just an acknowledgement that he is the Last Jedi there will be because the Jedi treated Anakin as a tool. He was never asked what he wanted or given a choice. He was told all these rules and was scolded for not following them, but meanwhile you can see other people within the order or even his superiors who broke those rules all the time and suffered no consequences.

Yeah I know I went off topic but should we really be discussing politics? This isn’t a political forum. And politics are a trigger for some if I remember right. So yeah, I don’t think we should discuss political things. Let’s talk about potatoes.


Isn’t just one countries suffering enough?

It’s all boned no matter who has the worse. We should be addressing the worlds problems on a global scale. You can earn money and exploit every country but you don’t see anyone lining up to help the general plebs.

For us personally. 1%. Schizophrenia travels across cultures and political boundaries.


remember when african people get sick as a result of a lacking healthcare system many of them promptly die. compared to the us where many live to old age this could be considered better. there are many chronic diseases which manifest themselves in the elderly, aside from the sheer pain many people are addicted to opiods and suffer as a result of that. to repeat, africans who develop disease suffer acute agonising deaths while those from western countries spend much of the remainder of their lives bedridden, possibly suffering more or less depending on how you look at it.

i think there has been an influence of poverty, war, famine, genocide, natural disaster everywhere throughout the world throughout history. these influences seem to appear anywhere or everywhere sporadically. one might argue that developed western and even eastern nations tend to suffer less internal conflict or violence as a result of the spread of democracy. all i can say is that i think over time things are getting better for many people.