I wonder what country has the most suffering


Here is the facts about the scz:

The larger the density of population and more advanced the social cultures are, the more scz’s there are.

For instance metros compared to rural areas in the USA have far more scz’s per capita. In other words the odds of being scz are slim to none in the rural areas compared to the metros. Well, also the drugs, sexual molestation, violence, every kind of crime you can think of including armed robbery, murder, and “white collar financial crimes” are all sky high in metros per capita compared to the rural areas.

When you compare nations though it is similar. For instance the mental problems in Mexico, India, and Africa don’t compare to the ones of Europe and the USA. Also people with mental maladies recover at a much higher rate in a 3rd world nation in the rural area such as India than people do anywhere else.

I think part of it a lot of times is people are paid to be mentally ill. I also know there are many factors in the regions that contribute to mental illnesses which if eliminated would reduce the mental illnesses.

I won’t go totally philosophical with this, but when I show people a fence picket, and I ask how many truths they can tell me about it, they say only a few. Then I ask for 50 truths, and they can’t imagine ever coming close, but if I start to pay them for each truth, and I increase the pay over 50 truths, then over 100 truths, and over 150 truths and so on, then suddenly they can make a few thousand dollars that day. They may use the internet to lay it all out for me too.

The point is is that life to 80% of people is like the fence picket to everyone that I show it to at first. They barely see more than it’s an aesthetic are hallmark of social statuses and community kinship, and they have always just driven by them accepting that that is all there is to them never thinking more about what they are supposed to believe and feel about them. But the fact is that their are thousands of truths about just one picket, and similarly there are millions of truths about human life from beginning of history to now, in each life and in each culture, laws, resources, and it goes on and on.

It is so complex that it takes decades of research and real first hand experience just to get a handle on it let alone actually figure out what we are really facing here in this realm.

Saying the truth about the mental illness rates and recovery rates between metros and rural areas, 1st world nations and 3rd world rural areas won’t seem real to some people, but those same people are the ones that have always just drove by the picket white fences of life only knowing one thing about them; how they make them “feeeeeel” in that neighborhood. Feeling is a truth about the one feeling not about anything or anyone else.

So it’s just word for mouth…my .02 cents.


I think the problem between Developed countries and underdeveloped countries is that developed countries are told that emotional pain is not real and we don’t suffer because we don’t have physical pain to the likes of underdeveloped countries. But yet we can look at authoritarian countries like Russia and NK and say that those people suffer because the government is corrupt and emotion to control their people.


Africa is a continent, lol.


It’s not the only underdeveloped place in the world either. Plenty of places in south east asia are like that. South America possible.


Most of the world is like that.


Yeah there’s discrepancies but the 1% still holds. It’s per population and yes the third world has different rates of recovery and that is probably indicitive of the zoo mentality of the first world but it’s still a fact that holds up.


I ponder if the poor people in America may actually be suffering as much as certain underdeveloped country’s in Africa or South America just for the fact that the poor people in America who go to bed without food while they walk down the street in some places and ten minutes away are huge mansions, and people are driving by their houses in fancy cars that cost more money than the poor person will make in their lifetime and the money spent on the car could feed a family of poor people for 5 years. You know what i mean? Is it just as bad to be starving while surrounded by wealth and excess?


Syria. Just look at what war has done to the families there.


But recently it has been rising in development around the world more than ever before in history, and with the information technology and electricity founding everything underneath of this developmental world, the rest of the world is rapidly advancing fast enough it might startle or even scare you.

The main thing is information on the internet, and as long as there is that giant river of information out there, there will always be hacker sneaking through their stupid government dummies fire walls to hide the world wide web from them. People are just always going to be a lot smarter from now on because of information technology. Think about the rates of literacy compared to before. To live in this IT world now you have to have the literacy to do it because you have to type and read.

Endless self education online with more archives in every form of information form such as video, audio, type, picture etc etc, and you really don’t need college to get going, and making some money. Just teach yourself online.

And all of this is just spooking up right now. The real power of the difference between a world with this and a world without it has not even hit the pavement yet. It will be a big jolt jump start when it when the knowledge and the energy of the new generations combined hits the pavement.

In this video you can see the turbo charge that looks kind of like a sea shell on the front of the motor facing the camera. What it does is it takes exhaust, and the spins that gas so fast before ramming it back down into the engine. The idea is to fit as much oxygen and unspent fuel into each square inch of air as possible, so that when it’s compressed into those cylinders, it expands, ignites, and explodes even harder than ordinary air intake can do.

So it’s kind of like if I compressed the exhaust with oxygen and unspent fuel from out of a bathtub down to a penny size, and then I put it into your hand. It blows up in your hand, but it doesn’t blow off your hand. It is a big POOF though. And you are lighting it on fire, so that blows off…well, don’t do that. :upside_down_face:

So before the ordinary way of getting information was just word of mouth and maybe the newspaper in some places if the people could afford it, and that was the whole world like that. Now all of a sudden you can get all you want for free from the internet, so it’s like the turbo charger ramming in all of this information into massive blocks of human beings around the world.

We are currently spooling up phase of the IT revolution. In auto mechanics it’s called turbo lag explained here:

…basically a mini jet engine.

The point here is that when you have had a world with very thinly spread information much of which was lies suddenly gets free information all that they can handle for entire generations, there will be a psychical effect which we have never seen on earth yet.

So this is the best example. You hear the engine on this car going normal while it’s rolling on the dynometer. Then you here it kind of hiss and whistle as it suddenly rockets faster and harder. That’s when the turbo has finally spooled all of the way up, and it suddenly starts ramming all of the exhaust that can possibly be compressed into the engine cylinders for increased explosion under the pistons or what you mighty call combustion.


That would be true if it weren’t for the repeal of Net Neutrality in the US, keeping it from the use of poorer classes. And purposely blocking websites just because the ISP. And slowing connection to websites just because the ISP.


It’s a long ways away of information supplanting genetics and schizophrenia has a big genetic component.

No slight. Just the correct information matters and that is meds work over placebo for most folk and it’s a balance between effectiveness and side effects.

It’s a nice explanation of a turbo but that isn’t necessary for this conversation. It still doesn’t explain why 1% get schizophrenia…oh yes it does. It’s a genetic flaw getting hit by an environmental trigger.


I think that the proper test here is, “Is schizophrenia FROM genetics?” Your answer appears to be 100% absolutely that is what it is, but you would 50% right according to the statistics.

I will also note that it is not proven that it is genetic, but there are statistics that show it may have significant influence.

While people get scz at a rate of 1 out of a hundred in the general population the statistics show, a child of an scz parent may become scz at a rate of 10 out of a hundred or 10% chance which is very low considering that it’s a genetic problem which you say.

At the same time the other side of the coin is the appropriate test of, “Is schizophrenia an environment caused condition?” While genetic connections suggest scz is apparent in 50% of the parents of scz children, it also suggests that 50% of parents of scz’s are not scz. Therefore it is environmental which translates into “informational.”

Informational causes?

I will not say either. I can simply let the fact cards lay where they fell. I instantly have to wonder about the rates of adopted children. If anyone has any stats on that, that would be great.

I understand what you mean, but if you are correct, then authorities could simply lock an scz in a padded room, turn off the lights, and pass meds in the food 3 times a day, and this would be sufficient. This is not the case. What about the environmental information? Information is a critical component of the way the brain works because the brain is an “informational technology” not unlike a computer is. Even to see with sight requires information for that process among all of the rest of the mental faculties that process information in a strictly logical fashion.

So information is a critical component to the processes of the brain.

Well, the thread was about people suffering around the world, and then it was about rates of people with scz and mental illnesses around the world.

I talked about those rates in urban vs rural areas and 1st world vs. 3rd world regions. You would have see that had you have read the first 4 sentences of my post.

I did not say that a turbo charger could be a practical allegory for the causes of mental schizophrenia. If you would have read anything at all in my post, you would have seen that.

The turbo charger in my allegory was used to demonstrate the difference of the world before the global “information republic of the internet” and after. Packing as much information as anyone can handle into a single place, the computer, and then uploading that to the world is going to have a profound effect which we have not seen in full expression yet. It is still in the processes.

And this would suggest that the world suffering may be alleviated if people can access endless streams of free truth and inspiration.


You didn’t read the post. You are using red herring fallacies as though those are sufficient for use with 100% of people that you use them for.

It’s okay. This is an scz forum.

I see that not 30 seconds after I posted you are replying to a post that would take you at least 5 minutes to read. Not enough time while you are retried these days to read before replying?


Overall it’s 1% dude. I didn’t do the math and that is what it is.

yeah there’s things that are aberations. Holland after ww2 had a spike due to starvation. It is what it is.

You say a lot of stuff but it isn’t any more factual than anything I say.

Let’s leave it there.


My post that you commented on was about the rates of mental illness around the world, and it was about the internet alleviating world suffering.

Please read before commenting, Rogues. It’s no problem if you don’t, but I may suggest do so out of kindness. :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting as always. I will never stay stop replying because that’s the antithesis of why I post to begin with. :slight_smile:


I don’t need to read what you say. It doens’t matter it’s 1 %. What you are saying isn’t logical or accurate.


Leave it be then, Rogues. I didn’t ask you to stop replying to me, and you are not asking me to stop replying to you. By the way, I’m generous with my time when I fully read your replies, and I fully reply to you. Why not extend the same gratitude towards me, and reply to the posts instead of suggesting that I’m talking about what I’m not talking about.

PROOF? Always provide proof when you say someone is not using facts.

I never said anything to the contradictory. If you read my posts, you will actually know what they say.

Rogues, please keep trying. You are very eager to reply, but less so to read what you are replying to. I commend you. :slight_smile:


For sure I’m using logical or accurate information, and you are completely reading it from top to bottom, asking questions etc like a polite conversationalist. I am grateful, and I owe you a debt of gratitude. There’s no need to be lonely. Post with me. :slight_smile:

Did you mistake when I said 1 out of 100 as being 1%? :slight_smile:

I hope to hear from you again on here. Always you leave so many questions worth asking you about. :smiley:

Yours Truly,

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So what is environmental trigger? Define that. It should be easy to see that it is informational.


I would say Myanmar just because of the ethnic cleansing.

P.S. Africa is not a country :yum: