I wonder sometimes if I have a type of borderline

I have a very low self esteem … get very moody sometimes … ive been in a relationship for 3 years and I adore him but I always tell him he’s free to leave cos I never want him to feel trapped … we don’t live together so we’ve never fought but it will be different when we live together its natural to argue and weird not to

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Some people have borderline traits without having borderline personality disorder. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is supposed to really help. My best friend has BPD and it helped her a lot

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I am currently trying cbt but I had to openly admit it wasn’t working and now we looking to meds as well

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I hope the meds help

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It isn’t normal to argue. It is normal to disagree, but arguing is a sign you need to work on your communication. Mr. Star and I have only argued like 3 times in over 6 years, and it was only when we first became parents and had no idea how to function.

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I agree with @ninjastar I have been living now with my partner for 18 months and we don’t argue. Things may change when we have w child though who knows.


I think they tried diagnosing me with borderline PD because of a misunderstanding or because I tried to ‘manipulate’ them into giving me an Asperger’s diagnosis. I think doctors are just not perfect and are prone to error just like everyone else. I don’t have BPD even though I looked into it. I was told I don’t and I fail every BPD test online. I score high on avoidant though and maybe schizotypal and paranoid type IIRC. I’ve had doctors say I have bipolar and then they say I don’t. They say I have Aspergers then they say I don’t. The only diagnosis that has stuck is schizo-affective disorder/schizophrenia. It’s the only one that doesn’t change and I agree with it reluctantly because I cannot work even if I was forced to and I cannot go to school. I have severe cognitive decline in excess of negative 10 IQ points, I’m obese, I live in my head, and I cannot improve or get better. It’s worse than bipolar despite having been told “I have bipolar genetics”. I’m convinced aliens or the “government” gave me schizophrenia when I was a kid, although now I’m leaning more towards grey aliens. I think most virus in my case are man-made or artificial and can be sent back in time just like people and information or really anything. It’s advanced but anything that can be done has probably already been done.

I’ve had symptoms as a kid like anxiety, depression, avoidance, and paranoia. I was slow and never had friends and was a loner. I had an unequal and 'bipolar" type intelligence that went up and down constantly. Inconsistent performance in school.

I think schizophrenia is purely artificial and given to people the Illuminati/aliens don’t like which will probably piss a lot of people off and make them uncomfortable. I just know stuff from other life experiences that I remember.

The best I can do is help others and tell them the supposed cure for schizophrenia, which would probably make the ‘Elites’ pissed off at me because they make billions off the sick and the schizophrenics.

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I’m just really disgruntled about having schizophrenia in every life including this life. I rather just be “not around” sometimes because of my life. It’s not World of Warcraft where I can “re-roll” a better, new, different life. It’s not a video game.

I’m stuck being me for now.

I guess the standard excuse or explanation is I got it from my parents. I did my own independent and unique research though.

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