I woke up 5 times because of different dreams


I had like 5 different dreams and i woke up, smoked a cigarette and back to sleep. The last dream was very nice, i was driving a car. I really think it’s because of my Trazodone my AD. What should i do with this AD? I take 1/3 of a pill at night


I like the fitbit as it tracks your sleep. It seems pretty accurate and it’s surprising how you sleep. I don’t do a lot of deep sleep but have an even mix of rem and others.

I like dreaming. I don’t have much stock in what I dream but it’s always interesting. Pity I don’t remember a lot of stuff…I think that is just getting older!


Oh it’s because of my Trazodone antidepressant. I wake up during night too many times and i will take it tomorrow in the morning instead of night even though it’s a little sedating.


Yeah good policy. I take effexor in the mornings for the same reason! I think I sleep like a baby on zyprexa but when you see your sleep patterns it’s surprising!