Does anyone take Trazodone?

My dad just started taking it and it’s been doing him good, but does anyone know anything else about it personally? He has PTSD and depression. I take abilify and have Schizoaffective Disorder - Depressive Type and PTSD

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It’s a poor antidepressant, but it is good for sleep.

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I took it for sleep for a year but after taking it for so long it started to put me into deep sleep and gives my bad nightmares. When I quit taking it by doctors orders it messed my sleep up bad. Now I can’t sleep without it. But the nightmares gave me episodes.

My husband takes it for sleep, I think 100mgs.

It works well for that.

Did you ever try remeron for sleep?
Its another antidepressant but is also prescribed for sleep.

No my doctor didn’t want to prescribe me any sleep meds because it seems that my symptoms are at there peak at night

I was on trazadone for sleep at one point. Was taking 300mg a night. It worked fairly well for me.

I’m currently on remeron for sleep now.

Oh I thought you said you were still on trazadone…

No I quit taking them by doctors orders

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I take trazadone 200mg it works sometimes sometimes it doesn’t work for sleep

I used to take it for sleep, now I take doxepin.

Thats weird, wouldn’t he want you to go to sleep if you are worse at night?

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I thought the same thing but then he moved all my meds to night time. He said they would make me drowsy enough to put me to sleep but they dont

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Well if you get on clozaril it pretty much knocks you out.
Although I have read it doesn’t affect some people like that.
Rexulti knocked me out when I started it, but now It doesn’t have that effect.

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I take it to help me fall asleep. It usually works really well. Usually anyway.

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@nfy risperdal and burspar use to put me to sleep but not it really doesn’t I’ve told my doctor but he says there’s nothing he can do

Well hopefully in a little while you can get someone who will help you.

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Fingers crossed!!!

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I take 300 mg of trazadone a night…knocks me out and lets me dream…sometimes but rarely do I have nightmares…

I was prescribed Trazodone before I was honest with a doctor about hearing voices, I was basically looking for a sleep aid. The tablet they gave me was so strong, I would split it up into three pieces. When I would wake up in the middle of the night to tinkle, I kept seeing white streaks. It’s hard to explain, but that medicine did something to my vision.