Good dreams, neutral dreams and nightmares

I have had the typical kind of odd dreams my whole life but, lately, I have actually had a few really good dreams. I dreamed about 2 weeks ago that I was in a movie, and they were directing me how to act in the scene. I have had other dreams that are pleasant like that one. I even had 2 dreams where I could fly at will.
I am dating a man who has nightmares almost every night, several times per night. I have never heard of someone having nightmares that often. That seems like an awful lot of nightmares to me. On occasion, I will have a not so awesome or even ‘bad’ dream but, rarely, an actual ‘nightmare’. My BF whines in his sleep and wakes up terrified. Never seen anything like it. We don’t live together. I can’t deal with the constant whining, jerking, and waking up. Wonder what is causing it?

I am just grateful my dreams are benign or even good sometimes.


I dream a lot but rarely remember them. I don’t think that is uncommon. It’s interesting with the fitbit though as it gives you a figure on your REM sleep. It divides it up from Rem, deep etc and I spend more time in rem sleep than I thought if it’s accurate.

I’m afraid to get the FitBit just yet. I am coming out of a long ordeal with severe insomnia due to getting off Xanax. I want to be sleeping longer and better before I see how much sleep I am getting. Lot’s of people have FitBit though.

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I never dream on my current meds 5mg Risperidone. On lower dose or on Latuda I had nightmares.

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So sorry to hear that. I never had that problem on Risperidone. Just tons of weight gain.


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