I wish society was better

the world would be a much better place if society was better

people would be much friendlier, tv would be much more pleasant

people would sound a lot more genuine, (i think there are a lot of fake people on tv) but i was hoping it did not reflect society.

things would get better like the war on isis, we could all get together and make it better somehow,

everybody would care for one another and nobody would be left out

in an ideal world,


I know what you mean. Even though I’m not an idealist anymore, it would be nice to see things get back on an even keel. Recently, I’ve been trying to watch how much news I take in. It does seem like people are becoming more narcissistic, though. I even see it in some of my own behaviour.

Agree 100%
Your post reminded me of a great marilyn manson lyric
" we light a candle on an earth we made into hell, and pretend that we’re in heaven "


Nothing better then our warped minds telling us how the world should be. Been there, done that, I have the T-shirt.

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