Am I or Am I not in a altered reality

I use to think for a long time that the world was one way not another way. Now I have aged and grown a bit and found many things within the world that I tought where nightmarish and illogical that people not only due to themselves but to each other as well. I then dream and wonder if I had been warped to an alter verse. Where everything is a bit evil and a lot warped and disgusting. Does anyone else ever feel this way once in awhile or is it just me?

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I think that the world has both bad and good to it. It’s beautiful in one way and terrible in another.

We live in a shared reality. I don’t think it was warped or altered over time in your universe. I think maybe you just learned of the nastiness of the world as you grew up. Our parents shelter us from the world when we are young. But as we grow to become older we learn of the evil of the world.


I was just thinking of how we are told to go become adults and that it is nice.

Reality is having the sense not to dare bring another soul in this world to suffer.

I ground myself by reminding myself that I have this one life and that it is mine, and if anyone questions that, I can fight, because if it is not mine, I would rather be dead anyways.

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It is truly sad… I lately dislike the world in what I see within it… there is nothing ever good on T.V … Like news it seems to only have the negative hardly ever any good. Once in a long time you see a good deed unrewarded / minor rewarded even CNN has 1 x per year HERO’ s it should have more than once a year and maybe even more awards to multiple hero’s… Just a fore thought.

The news is well known for presenting the darker side to reality. Sensationalism is how they blow the bad out of proportion. If you look, though, you can find nuggets of compassion. There are organizations out there that really do a lot of good, organizations like Unicef or St. Jude’s Hospital. It is possible for one man to make a difference by choosing to do good.

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I personally have been trying so hard to do a very awesome thing for me and my gal, but I cannot go into full details of what and why, but it seems Unreachable. I hope I pray for it to happen and fall into place.

I don’t believe the reality I live in is the ‘real’ reality. I think the ‘real’ world is much more kind and compassionate. The world is much more peaceful than in this staged reality I have to live in. People in my staged reality are not as kind, compassionate, generous or caring. I keep waiting to be allowed to live in the real world where it is better.

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There is much good in this world that goes unappreciated.

This world is full of Evil, you fight it with kindness, not in theory, but in practice.

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I don’t know re. altered reality but my reality is that one night I will easily sleep 13 hours and the next night I will sleep six hours. (Not enough). I feel great on 13 hours. Terrible on six.

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