I wish i would have gone to trade school after high school. instead of college

maybe i would have gone to college when i was more mature. i would have been earning and working and wouldn’t have smoked so much pot. mom was always trying to talk me into becoming an electrician. now i have little skills. and have to work whatever job i can get.

it’s still a possibility. school isn’t so bad for me. i can learn, my memory is improved, but i hate to write papers. right now im thinking of a 2 year degree in horticulture, it wont pay much and i may have to get a 2nd job for the offseason.

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good luck. going back to school could be really good for you especially if you can learn and have a good memory. maybe you can find a program that isn’t writing intensive if you hate writing papers

i went back to school to try to get a more practical degree. I don’t learn like I used to, have a terrible memory now, can barely focus, and the cognitive symptoms just make it hard

so if you still can learn and retain knowledge etc I would go for it

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