I wish I had friends

Tonight I feel very lonely…


Sorry you’re feeling down @Twialine.


Is your husband busy? :bird::bird::bird:


Do they do the meetup thing where you live?

Meetup. Com


@Gamera thanks

@GrayBear he’s at work

@Mae I think so


I feel for you. I have a few friends. One is much older and I worry about her getting sick and no longer around eventually. Another lives far away so we don’t see each other much. And my best friend is extremely obese and now has diabetes and liver disease. I worry she’ll die young because she refuses to lose weight. She wants to be seen beautiful as she is so she refuses to change her habits. I’m afraid she won’t be around long. I worry I won’t have a friend in the world sooner than later.


Sorry to hear that @Zannah :frowning:

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I have friends I keep friends until whatever happens and we go are separate ways but I’ve had no friends at times! Just start talking to everyone friends come naturally no need to feel bad just talk to people ! Don’t feel bad like I said I burned a lot of bridges just don’t even use the word “friends” just talk to everyone even the barista making your coffee or whoever …the friends will come!

I’m your friend. But I know what you mean irl friends to hang with. It’s hard to make friends as we get older. I use to make my friends at work and school. Is tere a community college you could take a crafting class at or something?

Sorry for quoting you all morning. Lol

But there is a science to explain this. There is a chemical your brain produces that makes you build relationships. The chemical is strongest when a youth. That’s why teens form such strong bonds.


oh how interesting, that explains a lot

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