I wish i am not a schizophrenic

maybe my life would be totally different without it, but i got what i deserved, it is karma, it is most likely “latent homosexuality” , Freud was right but i am so paranoid now that i dun even get that “sharp”

. Btw did anyone do a brain/head ct scan to check anything wrong?

I had an MRI and it showed gray matter loss consistent with psychosis. And for the record, my homosexuality is NOT latent


Freud was a fraud

Sexuality doesn’t cause nor cure sz. It is not a punishment and being gay in or out of the closet is nothing that deserves punishment!

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I feel like i deserved it too. In a sense.
It’s a nigtmare
I’m starting to think karma is real even if it’s generational too

I feel very unlucky and unfortunate. I think a cure is near and over the horizon. Past does not predict the future.


I had a dream that my glutamate receptors or nmda receptors are messed up and that’s why I have schizophrenia. Maybe it’s more of an issue than dopamine for me.

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I have had a couple MRIs and a few CT scans. I was just told they were all normal.

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In that case @ninjastar it has always been the guilt that causes problems.

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No. I have no guilt over being gay or trans. I have schizophrenia because of genetic abnormalities that were exacerbated by environmental factors. So do all of you. Being gay has nothing to do with being schizophrenic.


It affected me so bad that i only did it once. I know that gay people have a lot of psychological problems and there is a lot of talk about suicide among them in adjusting to that lifestyle. But people in deviating so strongly from the norm are having guilt from parents and peers laid on them and that is why so many are in psychotherapy.

There is more mental illness in the lgbt community because of the harsh stigma we face from bigots. It isn’t guilt, it’s the gross hatred we get faced with, such as from people insisting our sexuality makes us deserve chronic illnesses.


I wouldn’t be that one. Just an observation from experience.

It’s not about repressed homosexuality freud is anachronic

It’s really sad to read how you’ve internalized this homophobia. There’s no suicide for adjusting to the “lifestyle”. What the crap would that even be? Gay doesn’t come with a lifestyle, you make your own. The suicide and psychological problems come from bigotry and hate like this stuff you posted right here. Get your act together.


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