I accept the fact but I am so devastated

Why schizophrenia why there is such a thing?Its not even proud to be diagnosed with one…it’s shameful just like smoking drug prostitution gambling and such

There is nothing to be ashamed about.
Schizophrenics suffer from a strong current of negative energy directed against them.
We do not know what is the source of this negative energy or why we were singled out as targets, but blaming schizophrenics is blaming the victim
and not the perpetrator.
At least for me personally, I definitely feel that there is a strong current of negative energy directed against me.

Schizophrenia is not the same as those things. It’s something that happens to you that you have no control over. It’s like any other illness. I mean no one makes themselves get cancer, right? It will be okay. There are treatment plans for mental illnesses and it’s not terrible if you follow that plan.

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I don’t think it involves negative energies. Who is directing this negative energy?

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@anon78876561, for me it is absolutely true.
I suffer from a strong current of negative energy directed against me.
I do not know about other people, I can only speak for myself.

Okay. I think it is a illness and therefore something physically wrong. It has to do a lot with you brain chemistries, and levels of dopamine and serotonin that are not working correctly.

I disagree with you @anon78876561. It has nothing to do with brain chemistry in my case( and at least
in some if not all the other cases,I believe). What causes intrusive thoughts , delusions, psychosis
and irritation in me, is a strong current of negative energy directed against me, and it has nothing to
do with dopamine or serotonin.

Bring schizophrenic tend to be targeted as crazy

That’s fine my friend. I will back away. I have expressed my feelings about it. We agree to disagree. :upside_down_face:

There is a stigma that exists with having a mental illness for sure.

Wrong, some people get cancer because of their doing,some people get cancer because of bad luck

Especially if you let people know.They tend to attack you verbally,I don’t believe people who know your sick abuse you when they know,that’s not love,that’s more threatening

It’s my own doing to get sick in the first place,I cannot handle the pressure,I want to leave home

I think your blowing the were hated thing out of proportion a bit. I have been treated pretty well by well liked people.

Why do my mother verbally abuse me,I took my medication I worked for them,unless I am really crazy

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Some people are just like that I suppose. I think paranoia can blow situations like that out of proportion a bit though.

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Why do you think it is your own doing?

Because I cannot handle the pressure,I am compulsive gaming,vaping.I don’t have dreams like usual people do…I am also lazy

I am also not smart enough

I don’t trust people too,the doctor said something is healthy for example,yet I followed his advice,but I do this to extreme I am just so tired of this…all I created was bad memories that I cannot get pass,everything is like reset

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