I will become a vegetarian soon

so Now that I am a whole lot better since January - I can easily convert to vegetarianism - minimize my dairy intake and cut off meat products completely. I will still eat seafood and fish as I love them and would totally have once a week I guess.

Today I made vegan cookies and it took me 10 minutes.

I also made a tofu dish but it is not good. Had to throw it out.
Anyway - now summer is around the corner and a lot of good things will come =)


That’s a pescatarian amigo…

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well, thank you, sir. For clarifying =)

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If you want good vegan recipes, get the book Thug Kitchen. They have tons of delicious vegan recipes that aren’t trying to pretend they’re meat. My favorites are sweet potato enchiladas, spinach/mushroom lasagna, and cauliflower cream alfredo. They also have some of their recipients for free on http://www.thugkitchen.com/


Also, I don’t know if they have Morningstar veggie burgers in Canada, but they’re fantastic. Always go for the ones that aren’t pretending to be meat. Imitation meat is always just a disappointment, but veggie burgers that are their own thing are fantastic.


Pinterest has a lot of cheap easy vegan and vegetarian meals listed on there as well. That’s where I usually find mine.


"I will become a vegetarian soon"
vegetarian, eh?
I couldn’t. I love chicken.

but lots of health benefits.


Because I had schizophrenia, I lived with my family from age 24 to 32. I had my own ideas about what I should and shouldn’t eat. My Dad told me to shut up and be grateful I had anything to eat. So, that’s what I did.



It’s cool. Since this post I have not eaten meat or chicken. I had some pepperoni on a slice of pizza and that’s it!

So it has been a month of almost vegetarianism. I think in time, I will be completely vegan. No cheese, no animals at all!

Unfortunately I bought a hair product which was made of snail slime.


i’m thinking of becoming a carnivore to help build my muscles.
but maybe i should be a vegetarian instead. but then i won’t get much muscle as a vegan.

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A whole lot vegan athletes you know?! veganism is good for everybody!

But you know, not spaghetti everyday