I went to confessional

So, i caved finally.

I had to get it off my chest.

I could live with this no longer.

I marched in to talk to the priest in the confessional.

He ask “have you sinned?”

And i say “yes father, i sin bad this time.”

He ask “what is your sin my son?”

I answer honestly “well, father, i ■■■■ your wife last night. does god forgive me for ■■■■■■■ your wife?”

So he get very mad and i get thrown out.

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Oh no, this is fact, complete fact, i promise.

And as everyone know i a very honest person.

A man of my word threw and threw.

But is it a ruse if not trying to get nothing? Nope.

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Wow, wesley get thrown out?!

Nice job there wes, see you soon buddy!

Maybe we compare third eyes? But i probably get jealous of you.

Wesley is the man.

welp maybe go to a different priest ?

Well, maybe, hope i don’t have sex with his wife to.

Oh well i still try i guess.

You can do it!!! Not his wife just behave! :slight_smile:

Well i try to tell the last one that it’s okay because god forgive me but he no listen.

I feel bad about it to because it was very nice church and they throw smoke around there like professional.