I went nuts

over somebody on t.v. who is brilliant and very impressive in every way. I adored him and was a little obsessed with thinking about him. and then the delusions started. I thought he was yelling at me from t.v. that I am not allowed to like him. it made me feel like a dog.


hmmm that’s called erotomania but not if u didn’t think it was reciprocated. i was programmed to “like”| some one on tv. some one i wouldn’t touch with a barge pole in real life. it was horrible and i hope it doesn’t rear it’s ugly head again. feel for u. luckily i never thought it was reciprocated though the voices tried to convince me otherwise. but i don’t believe them so i’m ok with that.

I actually keep wondering why this person on t.v. hates me so much, only the whole thing is crazy. delusional entirely. he doesn’t know me from adam (or is it eve).


What’s with this nuts and bananas ?

Who goes nuts ?

And, who goes bananas ?

I have no TV at all. I use my laptop for everything. Years ago I used to get some voices of world politicians from TV. I recall when I had my TV on in Atlanta in 1999 I received Bill Clinton’s voices telling me ‘you are so low’, ‘you get a private plane’ and so on. I realized I had sz then. I had TV for some time, but I gave my digibox to my mother. I do not need any TV and if I want to get some news, I find these on the Internet. Twitter is a good way of getting news and other discussions, and I can control it by myself. I recently stopped using Google and Facebook (I had only three friends on FB).

introbc, nuts and bananas then.

just a figure of speech.


at least u know it’s a delusion judy, that’s a good thing. maybe don’t watch him for a while. and yes, he doesn’t know u from adam. hope this helps xxx

I had the same problem with a talk show host. I wonder if we are talking about the same guy. Cause then it is a conspiracy of the government driving women crazy. They get a bunch of us all at once. They don’t care. Power can be used to do really cruel things. Protection for our family is so important.

Every tv show I watch the characters talk to me. They tell me I’m gross and stuff.

I’m trying not to play into it but today I thought a morning show was laughing at me. Just a little I’ll know more later and they don’t usually watch that stuff but today they happened to watch a show that was laughing at me (possibly indirectly). How would Jesus want me to respond?

tell yourselves that even if it is real it isn’t so bad. they don’t know you and that’s why they don’t make you feel liked.

tell yourself that even if it is real you may be exaggerating.

I hope this helps, judy

I was amused by your headline posting. I thought I was gonna read one of those sensational exposures of the soul. And then I see you were just pulling our leg!!

I used to have erotomania about Haley Williams, the singer from the band Paramore. I thought she was watching me. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling, it was disturbing. I still find her ridiculously attractive, I just dont think shes watching me. Go Geodon!

I also smoked pot a couple times when I was drunk and unmedicated (my friends do a little pot now and then) and this one time I could feel pornstars watching me. That was really disturbing and also pretty embarrassing. Then I started to hear them and I was like “so nope” and just smoked cigarettes and listened to slipknot. I thought my mind was subconsciously fixated on sex so I tried to change the channel to aggression by listening to metal. It sort of worked for a while.

Meanwhile my friends were like “are you ok? Youre very quiet” and I was just like “sure, im fine” and drank more and fell asleep.

But then I was glad to wake up to normal psychosis the next morning, just paranoia and auditories.

But now I am on meds.

anything i watch, i hear their voices so i don’t really watch tv anymore. maybe the odd documentary here and there but that’s it. no point in giving myself more voices is there? the non famous ones will only last as long as the programme bcoz i can’t remember what they sound like afterward. the famous ones will stay with me. so not much tv in my house.