I wasn't ready for life

I just wasn’t ready to be born into this world. I shouldn’t expect so much of myself. Maybe I’ll finally let up.

It wasn’t your choice to be born, whether you were ready or not. But you are kind of hard on yourself.

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I feel the same way, just not ready to join the world of the living.
What have I got to lose? Eventually I will die whether I have joined or not. Might as well join now…better late than never.

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I feel I ain’t ready also,I am so worrisome but I think some of you are right here,better try to change now and be late than never do it at all

The family I came into wasn’t ready for me.

What would make you (or anyone) ready?

I’m still not ready for life 31 years later…

I’m 50+ and still learning basic stuff about how to manage myself. I wonder what I’ll be when I grow up?

If I had the answer to that, I wouldn’t have a health problem. I wish I could take back a few injuries.