Im not ready for life

Title says it all


Few of us are. I’m not good at adulting at all.

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in my psychosis days i would claim “I am After-Life” i was trying to be like Jesus and be honest too… so “After Life” meaning like “i pursue life”

Another riddle everyone wanted to clobber me for was “Youre Just About A Punk” meaning youve brought Justice to Me a young Punk at the time… but everyone thought i was calling them a punk… I was truly trying peoples patience intentionally to test if they would think beyond the commonalities.

I told my Committing Doc he should hug an ass for pet therapy… i was joking but he and everybody thought i was a nut

nah everyone just got mad. my intentions were good to a big extent

lol i spooked and pissed people off

I never have been ready for life. I think that goes with schizophrenia for most of us.

We all not ready for life. We all don’t know we will get sz. This is life. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. But you need to face it.