Being grateful even though life isn't the way I envisioned

I never wanted to be fat. I always wanted to get married and have kids. I didn’t want to take the meds. I thought my parents had betrayed me. I have a love/hate relationship with weed and even though it makes me paranoid and messy with chores I still use it. I’m afraid of people being mean. I wanna travel to Japan and other places but I’m too poor. I’ve failed college programs numerous times…

But through all this, I am still alive, and every day is an opportunity for growth. I have all the free time I can desire and can make plans for the future, and even if it doesn’t come to fruition, when I die and review my life, I can say with satisfaction that I lived it to the fullest I could, and the lessons I learned will be with me well beyond this realm… :smiley: :cool:


SurprisedJ and 77nick77 reminded me of the good things i have…i am glad that you can see the positive.
take care

Good for you…Make the most of what you got.

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I’m grateful because it could have been a lot worse.

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