I was psychotic for a week and didn't know it

So for the past week or so, I’ve been incredibly paranoid and delusional. Psychiatrist made a med change, and now I’m getting 9 hours of good sleep instead of 4 rocky hours of poor sleep. I’m doing much better now. I’ve given up on the delusion that my significant other was cheating on me, and our relationship has gotten stronger since the med switch. I am a happy camper these days. Sometimes all you need is a tweak in the meds!


Oh joyous days!!! :smiley:

i get psychotic pretty much a couple of times a week !
i spent 8 months in psychosis last year, that was fun, even more so for mrs sith…you can tell being unmedicated is working well…lol
take care

Relief! I am glad your med change worked out for you.

way to go getting on a med change,sounds like you have a pretty decent doctor…happy for you igor

I had communication problem,I don’t know if med change will work?