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I’m still off my meds, and am flourishing. I’m glad I’m not having neurological side effects anymore. My vivacious personality is peeking through. My wife says she can see life in my eyes for the first time since we met. She has been my rock, and I’ve put her through a lot. The withdrawal syndrome only lasted about 36 hours. I’ve since cleaned the bathroom counter off of medication bottles. I feel alive. No more muck in my system. I am starting to experience pleasure, and my sex drive is returning. No more zombie-like, dampened down feeling. Here’s the kicker: no symptoms. Some paranoia, but not enough to warrant medication. I don’t want to come across as superior or belittling, and I certainly don’t think folks on meds should come off them. I am doing this with the guiding hand of my pdoc, and after much deep contemplation. My pdoc says this puts the diagnosis of sz into jeopardy. He thinks I may have delusional disorder. Still on the psychotic spectrum, but rather uncommon. What I thought was negative symptoms seems to be mediation-induced. If you recall, I was on high doses of the old meds, and they are known as major tranquilizers and most of them make you feel like a zombie.


I hope you stay well and that you don’t need meds again.

Glad to hear it! Yeah my diagnosis has been questioned too, my current therapist honestly thinks I have an anxiety disorder with psychotic features but I pointed out that he’s only seen me on meds and that I was obviously schizophrenic before I started taking a higher dose of Geodon.

Wow, I hope it works out for you man I really do, it rarely does but I hope does

Take care

Glad to hear that, i wish i had the courage to stop medication… Eat healthy, with plenty of vegetables, it will lesson your paranoia.