I wanted to be fat!

i remember when i was a little kid i went to one of my brothers high school plays. anyways there was this guy there who seemed to be very popular and also very overweight. i thought being fat was the coolest thing ever and looked like lots of fun. i could never put on weight before meds, but once i got put on meds i put on 40 pounds. at first i really enjoyed it and was content to be a little bigger for awhile. all that extra size i never had when i was playing sports.


I was 135lb before sz at 22 y.o. and wanted to get beefier. But I gained too much weight from antipsychotics, gained 160lb, but now lost 15lb of that by skipping breakfast.


I have now stretch marks all over my body.


I lost 4lbs recently.
Not much but I was happily surprised.

I’ll take it! :slightly_smiling_face:


that was my early psychology. eventually i didn’t think of such things. but later in my late 20’s. i wanted to be 6’2 310 pounds and play pulling guard. i was envisioning having a beard, slicked back hair, and to refer to myself as “big sexy” haha.

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After women have babies they get stretch marks even if they’re not overweight. And their hips get wider too!


I prayed for all my hair to fall out.

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Same here they’re everywhere

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I’ve been over weight as long as I’ve been on AP meds, every doc says it’s not the meds. I wish I could put every pdoc on AP meds for a month so they have just a bit of a clue of what we go through.


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