I WANT (vent)

I want my voices to stop telling me to do stupid things to myself!
I want to stop feeling so restless!
I want my god damn medicines to work!
I want to have just one day where I can visit friends and not have to leave early because my head is full of strange connections and delusions!
I want this feeling of hopelessness to go away!

But most of all, I just want the voices to go back to being nice.
I DON’T want to constantly think about how I could get in harm’s way.



We all want those things for you too


It’s a long shot mostly because of the side effects but meditation worked for me. I would not recommend it to you, because after two weeks I had a preety bad relapse.

I think it’s not for everybody, there’s voices (lol) who say it’s good and voices (lol) who say it’s bad on the internet and in mentall health communities.

I do had two preety good weeks. Until I thought I was normal again and stopped my medicine

Edit: if you decide to do it I advise you to speak with your mental health team/inform yourself /and most importantly start slow. Like 10 minutes a day. If you feel to good (like I did) quiting meds can become a problem. If you’re feeling bad (like others do) stop it immediately and you know it’s not working. Good luck @Pikasaur

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It’s worth a try :slight_smile:

@Ooorgle Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, I was with the therapist and my voices were swearing her with very bad words but I like her. My subconscious is just aggressive

I hate going to group and the voices telling me that everyone there hates me. Or I start hearing their voices I know. Its not them but it’s like I can read their minds.

I understand wanting to feel normal but the most normal I’ve ever felt was on the Haldol injection.

i think the winters affecting your mentality Nova. You have to get active in some way to increase your serotonin levels. Ive been doing it in these past few days and i feel much better. Do something fun!


I’m sorry you’re struggling, @Pikasaur. I hope the voices will leave you alone for a bit or not be so severe. Take care of yourself. Maybe do something nice for yourself? Like a nice bath? A cookie? :cookie: An aloe face mask (it’s soothing)?


great suggestions!

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I Don’t like it when you say things that are bothering you - you have to call it venting rather than communicating.

Whenever you feel like the commands are getting you down, think about the time where a voice told me to eat cereal with coke instead of milk. Ugh, so gross, but kind of funny. I hope your voices leave you alone soon. Command hallucinations suck and can get super scary or disturbing.

I’m so sorry you’re suffering like this @Pikasaur. I understand about being out with others and the difficulty in it. Have you already tried lots of meds?

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I haven’t tried many meds, because the first ones I was put on after I got a diagnosis, worked.
I started on abilify, now I’m on Invega.
I tried mianzerine before that, but it didn’t work well.

If you’re still having such a hard time, maybe you could try some more meds. ??? Not trying to tell you what to do, but maybe another med, or an added med will help you more.

I had my Invega dose upped half a week ago, I’m still waiting for it to kick in

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I hope it works for you @Pikasaur!!! That would be great!

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