I want to switch to over ear headphones. What do you use?


In ear buds just aren’t healthy for my ears but they are much more portable. I’m sort of picky on my headphones. They have to sound a certain way to me. I love my skullcandys but im tired of blocking healthy ear cleaning. What do other people use?


I have a hard time selecting that right earbuds for my ears. Headphones are the best one for my ears but when I go running I would like earbuds instead.


I just have some Sony headphones they aren’t too expensive and the sound quality is decent. I have one pair that was 20$ (ultra basic but really not bad) and I got a better pair that I use for gaming also that was 65$(a bit expensive I know but they’re a lot better at canceling noise but they’re also more bulky).
Hope this is what you were asking.


I still use earbuds, just cheapies but they do the job. I’m too self conscious to use over the ear headphones and I like to have a little awareness of what’s going on on the tram.

Maybe look into noise cancelling onces so you can really enjoy your music? Bose?



My husband uses these and loves them, because they don’t go right on your ear. They’re Bluetooth. I just use regular headphones.


I use the Sennheiser, great sound to them, I have a expensive gaming headset but they are bulky and to heavy of a bass to them, I prefer the Sennheiser


these sennheiser have a very good quality price ratio:


I use these. An older model, though. I’ve had them for a few years now. They’re pricey, but with every penny.

I don’t know why it’s not showing up, but the link works.


Found the older model. They’re a bit cheaper.



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