I want to start walking more

Its healthy and will probably relieve some anxiety and restlessness. Ive just been too depressed to do anything.


Abilify will certainly help you start walking more. It probably won’t be enjoyable walking, but it will be walking nonetheless.

I dont want to do abilify again. It didnt help when i took it. Im on zyprexa and thats the best med for me


Someone just posted recently an article about how there was a study and essentially it was more beneficial to do a 10 minute brisk walk 3 times a day than it was too walk the popularly recommended 10K steps.

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Awesome idea to walk more. Abilify definitely makes my legs want to move :slight_smile: I hope the walking works out for you. I remember I used to find it very calming when I had the severe anxiety issues.

If your depressed it will make you feel better. I go 2 times a week about 45 minutes.

I like the quiet back streets with cozy little homes as scenery. Sunday morning is the best. very peaceful, quiet, a squirrel scampering by, a church bell ringing, the ocassional cat peering out the front porches.

I like streching too. Nothing fussy, no how to tapes or formal instructions.

Just sit on the side of bed and do a bit of stretching till the snooze alarm is ready to be tapped. Then a bit of standing and stretching the back, legs and such.

After the second snooze , I usually stop. It is a great way to start the day.

I’ve started trying to walk once a week. It helps a little

I’d like to start walking more too. When the weather permits, I usually walk my dog daily. It’s been so cold though I haven’t been walking much.

That is a great idea for you too. I hope you do!

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