I want to permanently

Get rid of my facial hair. I have a mustache and chin hair. I’m a girl


They always advertise some good deals on laser hair removal but I live in Ohio so not West Virginia

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I have known a few girls who had a laser treatment of some kind. I think it is supposed to permanently get rid of hair

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My friend is trans, and she got rid of a full beard using laser removal.

I only have a light mustache and a weird soul patch, so I just shave it off. I used to pluck, but I didn’t like the pain.

I have this same issue. I use an epilator almost everyday to every other day. It’s a nuisance.

Ouch! How can you stand to epilate your face? I tried doing my legs for a week and swore it would never happen again.

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It’s worse on legs.

As for face. I regularly get my brows threaded too. Just built a tolerance to it.

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I used to do my eyebrows. Now, I don’t care. I have a caterpillar flopped across my entire forehead and it’s fine with me.


I sometimes go six weeks without getting them done. I think is better not to touch them too often because they can go thin

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In the US, big eyebrows are the new hot thing.

I prefer bigger eye brows I only get mine tidied ever. Never reshaped to look thin. Apparently bigger eyebrows give a more youthful look not sure how much that’s true.

I have one of those as seen on tv shavers. They sell at Wal-Mart for about $12. About the size of a lipstick.

And as you can see by my avatar I’m not blonde

You and your caterpillar :bug: go on with your bad self

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Is it a form of despair that makes a woman carry facial hair? I’m not criticizing, when I smoke it lessens the motivation to brush my teeth. I just think a woman taking care of facial hair is something relatively easy that goes a long way…

Neither am I :scream:

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It’s mostly genetic. I’m Syrian, and people from my region of the world evolved to keep sand out of their faces.


That’s a really old fashioned way of thinking that makes women feel disgusted with their bodies.

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You look fine the way you are

Thanks for educating me. Maybe it was a raw thought and I should have left it on the editing room floor. But thanks for patronizing it with the reply. I’m in between meds…

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