Committed to go full on ZZ Top!

My winter beard is progressing nicely. No shaving for me!

Previously I started to twiddle my beard which sucked but not so this time. Going to go proper grizzly Adams. Will update with pics when I feel the growth is worthy.


You should get this shirt to track your progress!


Damn that is cool!

One of the things I hate about being male is the growing of facial hair. I also dislike shaving even with the electric razor. Hence I go around looking personally awful for days on end.
If there was something to stop you growing facial hair that was OTC I’d take it.

Laser hair removal?

Can you get that over the counter? I think it would be out of my price range if a cosmetic surgery procedure.

I have to shave pretty much every day like a normie, or my skin gets really irritated now. Which is is pity, as I’d really like to grow a beard.

If you’re not prone to skin rashes, you can get it done at any spa offering it. If you have sensitive skin, you would have to go to a dermatologist. But yeah, it is fairly expensive.

I shave the hair on my head and my beard off once every two weeks. I simply put bare clippers directly to my face and scalp during the same grooming session. I have psoriasis on my face and scalp so it itches me badly if my hair gets too long.

I’ve grown out my facial hair 6 months before while in university. Someone asked if I was an orthodox jew which made me decide to shave it off.

I’m going to make one of these shirts for female arm pit hair!

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