I want to paint for money but what if I become


I don’t know if I can cope with that. Actually, I can’t.

But I really do want to make money out of painting

Because I can’t afford to paint without making money out of it.

I don’t like the idea of becoming famous even if it’s just on a small scale


So I don’t know if I should just give up painting.

I don’t know

you know i always thought artwork where the artist was a mystery was more valuable. something about the mystery of it im into.

you’re a very talented artist from what you’ve shared, no problem with making money off of it. i think it’s very difficult to become famous artist anyhow, you could cross that bridge when it comes to it. idk. hope you can figure things out, im probably not much help. sorry.

Don’t give it up! It’s a gift, take care of it. There are so many talented starving artists out there you know. It’s hard to get recognized. I think you can be calm about becoming famous. It’s almost impossible!

Yea I agree with you. It is also worthy I mean

That’s a good point.

But what if someone starts using my art as their own?

And yea I think of every possibility. Not saying I will necessarily become famous though it would be nice if I was in an unknown way

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What do you mean?

It’s hard to get recognized as an artist. There are so many talented people out there competing for fame. So you don’t have to worry! But who knows, perhaps you will get famous?? Just please, don’t let your gift go to waste. Don’t ever stop creating!

Aw thankyou :slight_smile: that’s encouraging!!

yeah it’s a catch 22. if i was talented artist i would probably claim my art as well. gotta make a living,

i too don’t want to be famous, which is another reason why i’ve lost inspiration to play my guitar, i have no desire to be up on stage so i think what’s the point. the only thing that seems appealing is to make studio albums that people could buy and relax to in their home. but it’s much worry about nothing as im not that talented. you have better chance than me to become famous with your talents.

Hey you probably are good I’ve just never heard you play.

Yea art is not the same if it can’t be shared.

Why would you not want to become famous just curious

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At least artists aren’t stalked like celebrities. By photographers.

I just don’t need all of that and everyone knowing who I am.

I don’t know if I can handle that kind of reality.

Don’t quit. You have some serious talent. Do what makes you happy. :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:

I’m just not sure I know what makes me happy in terms of painting.

I need to think about this a bit more.


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i like not being known by a lot of people. i used to live in a small town and starred on the basketball team and it really messed with my head thinking everybody knew who i was, and that my behaviour was under the microscope, plus i was always in the local newspaper. it was all probably delusional thinking on my part. but even some years later i learned that i really enjoyed cities where no one knew who i was, it felt like i was free… and back in a small town i also like going to the grocery store and having no one stop me and get into a conversation about things. i just like to go about my business, im not one for fame yet. i can’t imagine enjoying it for myself.

Yea this is exactly what I’m concerned about losing

I don’t know if I can feel just as free if I’m known by many people

The thing is I do feel like painting is the only thing I enjoy.

And art must be shared.

And so I don’t know what is more important

Enjoying Painting but possibly being well known
Meaning pressure to act a certain way

Or giving up something I enjoy (painting) but feeling no pressure to act a certain way due to fame

Do watercolor painters often become famous? I’ve never heard of any.

I don’t think so.

But… I wander to that what if situation. Because I fear it. You never know.

The idea of becoming famous makes me feel like I can’t really be myself.

I can kind of understand that, being famous would go against my personal ideal of doing things for myself. I think when you are the center of a crowd you can’t help but to give in to their pressure. Also I think there is a social psychological effect of working with someone observing you, I think this was the topic of the first social psychology experiment. Can’t remember.

Yea it really is a catch-22 situation as I do enjoy painting.

I don’t really understand the second part of what you posted.