I want to live forever!

I want to live forever!!!


Erez be on meds it helps.??? Same here…

We need cure asap…??

very good attitude.

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Same bro hopefully nobody kills me.


I don’t wanna live forever I just wanna live enough… the rest is spiritual words which I’m not gonna get into lol. :laughing:

I would just love to live to 200 then there’s plenty of time to get well and have a good life

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I think no matter how much time, it’s never enough yet eternity robs of appreciation I don’t care about myself, I would rather my loved ones live longer

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Me too. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to live forever…

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Who wants to live forever?

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Me and @Chess24

I think most religions hold out the promise of eternal life for following them. I would like more time in this life than I’ll probably get, but I don’t think I’d want eternal life on this planet. Maybe I would in heaven.

you will… not in this finite body though

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I guess I’ll just see what happens. Not that I want to die. I don’t want to live forever either.

If I suddenly got the news that I was likely to live 2 or 3 thousand more years, I think I would want to go to college and get an education!


You want to live forever? Write some type of book and you’ll live for ages.

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Me too. I want to live forever Erez.

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