I dont wanna live forever

Cuz i know ill be living in pain.:notes:

If u had the coice would u live forever?

In this year I am 50, I surely would like to live longer, next 40 years maybe, could you imagine I would be here writing in the year 2057. I could imagine this.

Forever is a long time.
Don’t think I’d even care to do ‘anything’ -
not even something I loved to do,
for more than…say…20 minutes at a time?
Say… is that even to long?

I’d only consent to live longer if the quality of my life was no less than it is now.

Forever is a mighty long time…but I would love to live a very, very, very long time. We’ll see what (my) God has in store for me.

Not for me already having days not sure I will be able to make it home, in so much pain add the mental illness and vandals to the mix and it would be to much for anyone one person

yes I would drag my crazy ass around this earth living in the shadows like i do now because every day is a gift

in 2057 you might be kite surfing in st tropez with a couple women half your age.
I think they will have cured us by then


You experience those a55hats in your neck of the woods too?
Wouldn’t life be soooooo much nicer if you could cut the sticky fingers of them sun’s o beeches, that is if you could ID the sneaky B’s…
…I’d sure be the first in line to CHOP them dangly things off should I discover em on my property line.

They hide in the night and call on blocked numbers all the signs of cowards scared to get caught

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I didnt expect this answer

If I was in good health I would. I could handle being crippled, but if I was in constant pain I don’t think I would want to. I can see the advantages of not existing. There is quite a bit of pain wrapped up in most existences. But then again, like the poet John Milton wrote - "Who would lose this intellectual being … ".

its bad don’t get me wrong but it has been pointed out to me that there are worse things. life is tragic, people die, people have accidents all the time. Its unfair. SZ is unfair, its almost like dying but not being dead. Im optimistic tonight. I dunno tomorrow may be another story but tonight I feel hopeful.


maybe it was seeing Katie Perry’s hot ass looking like she was a step away from having a psychotic episode too. She’s done some drugs in her day

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Man, life is too short and goes by too fast. It is filled with some interesting stuff and interesting people. As long as I have my physical health I would like to live for many, many, more years. There’s still a lot of things that I would like to do so maybe I wouldn’t want to live forever, but another 40 years would be nice.

I often think that I would starve myself to death if my mother dies. I want to live just a little longer than mom so that I can be here for her. I expect it would be more than 20 years as mom is perfectly healthy. I’m living a life because of my mom. Idk if I’d change my mind. I still look horrible to me living a long life.

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I don’t relate to wishes for longevity. Even under the best of circumstances, this is a difficult clot of dirt to exist on.

I would like to be an elf and tend my gardens and listen to elf music every day. :blush:


To be honest I would as long as my family could as well

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I want to live forever. Just like this song says.

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