I want to die

I want to die 2020202020


me too. but don’t do anything stupid

I also want to die

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All of you should know life can get better. @Chess24 are you back on meds yet?


Me too want to die today. But i have to pull myself together tomorrow. Just give yourself a day or two off. And then keep pulling.


I have to make it across a bridge today.wish me luck.


Death is something a lot of us have mixed feelings about. Sometimes I want to die, but there are also things I want to do before I die. I’ll need time to do them.

@Chess24 please don’t die, I hope you find relief from that feeling. I have felt that way before and I didn’t like it at all.

My head is exploding with intrusive thoughts.
I am sick of it.
To move to the United States, Russia, India…
All kinds of ridiculous things…
Stuff about jobs, but I don’t need a job at all!!
If I got healthy I would like to study math intensely and nothing else would interest me.

@Chess24, try not to view your life as needing to be good or fulfilled; to live is to suffer. Please just try and carry out your mission in this world, whatever nature has planned.

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I love you @_JDOG26 such a lovely dog pic.

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@Chess24. Please consult a pdoc. They can help you find a med that helps reduce your symptoms.

All of you who want to die, if you have any plans on doing anything destructive to yourself, I recommend you to call 911 immediately. Don’t wait. Call now.

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