I want to buy the Sony rx100 v do you think I'm crazy?

It’s £1000 - camera - so amazing.

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This gives the pros and cons of the camera.


I know isn’t it awesome :clap:

If you can afford it without putting yourself in the hole, I’d say go for it if it makes you happy. Is photography a passion of yours?

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“do you think I’m crazy?”


I’m not allowed to say yes…

Dunno. The review said it’s difficult to use in practice. Plus it has a short lens. Read the review if you haven’t already, and see what you think.

I love it. I have a dslr but those are professional level photographers but this camera is apparently amazing :astonished:

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Reviews I’ve read both. There good and bad points to it. I have the first cam that came it is is beautiful.

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