I want to believe other people are real

As opposed to mere projections of myself. I feel particularly guilty about questioning the reality of my loved ones. Any suggestions will be welcome.


You need meds man, why did you stop them?
You said you stopped them in your other thread.


I feel the same, my friend.

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In other regards I feel better. It’s more of a half belief than a fully fledged delusion.

If there´s a bump in your near space that you can feel, touch and interact with… And you love it and it loves you back, is probably beneficial for you to think of it as real.

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People are real.

I hope so. I’ve invested a lot in them already.

That’s because we are the same person!

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I can’t stop believing people are real even though I wish they weren’t. I just want to be left alone. They make me worry everyday.

You make an excellent point.

I also have a problem believing people are real. whatever they are i’m not going to mistreat them, i just can’t make sense of things yet.

I’m with you I would never hurt someone just because they aren’t real.

the good old “treat others as you would like to be treated” is the best method of operation I have found so far.

What happens if the others don´t treat you like you want to be treated?

that’s love. only when you’ve been hurt can you love.
to do right by someone even when they’re doing you wrong.
it’s your responsibility to teach them what is right and proper.

My suggestion is that you tell this to few of your closest people. Just tell them about this fear of yours, including your doctor.

To teach morals to others is patronizing and condescending. I believe that part of the moral world is subjective.

Morals shouldn´t be law.

perhaps you’re right, but shouldn’t we embrace our best guesses for the time being? atleast until something better arises.

I think we should behave in the best interest for ourselves. But interests collide when living in society. That´s why we need three order of rules: Laws, social customs and individual morals.

I don´t believe in a “collective moral” but this is a hard question (ius naturalle). I would love to hear @NotSeksoEmpirico opinion over this if he doesn´t mind to share…

do you think if someone is mistreating you that you should fully express yourself, and inform them of how you would like to be treated from then on?