Are other people real? I'm terrified they might be

I was just assaulted by an awful suspicion, what if other people are real after all? Even worse, what if I’m real, even human? I’m terrified, even nauseous, at the prospect.


“People are always selling the idea that people who have mental illness are suffering. But it’s really not so simple. I think mental illness or madness can be an escape also.”

— John Nash, PBS interview

We’re all real. No point in running from reality…


Only mind is real.
Nothing is real.


I would say that people are real and you are human.

Unfortunately reality is real. Its a real shame it has to like this :sweat_smile:

You think it’s bad now, wait until you meet my customers from work. That will crank the handle on the old nausea for you.

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My sense of I in my mind is lower than my higher consciousness than watches this vessel of blood and bones think that it exists. When this body dies my higher consciousness will survive perhaps to inherit another blood bag as another I altogether.

My higher self wanders the world experiencing the determinist body and life it inhabits. It is an experiencer who sees the world from above duality, although I am tricked into believing at the beginning of each life that I am separate to it, both to my higher consciousness and the universe itself, and life is learning this truth again and again.

Interesting thought.

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Glad to see you back online,

Sorry you’re not feeling well.

Yes, you are human.

And we are all real.

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We all feel like we’re real. Some of us could be androids programmed to act like humans :sweat_smile:

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I don’t mean to encourage your delusions,
but i have similar ideas.
Nothing can persuade me otherwise

Any thing that is real becomes real when you consciously observe it. This is the new physics, and the hypothesis is based on the physics of quantum mechanics.

In other words we are all figments of our imagination.


Being human does indeed suck, but that’s what we are and you need to get your head around that fact, and get on with life


Other people are real but not all of them… some are made up.

Yep, we are all real, including you. I don’t know what terrifies you about that prospect though. What exactly is so scary about people being real?

I was actually thinking yesterday about my not so unusual beliefs - lots of normies out there obsessed with the simulation - being a coping mechanism of sorts, and there has certainly been plenty of research and speculation in this direction. There are also good reasons for questioning it, but it might be true in my case. But obviously it could never be a monocausal explanation. Have you ever experienced a delusion you could retrospectively consider a coping mechanism?

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I often don’t even consider my mind to be real.

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I hope you’re wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fortunately all good things end eventually.

What’s so scary about being real?