I want to be more cheerful

Do you smile when you are engage with people or just walking past?
I find it hard to smile whenever around people,should I like watch more comedy?i scare if I watch comedy but don’t laugh…I will think I am broken someway

For people here who know how to smile, what’s your tips?


At my retirement home, where I live, I always smile and greet people as I pass them, and they always smile and greet me as I pass them. We are all very friendly to each other here. I am very blessed. It really helps that I have always adored the elderly all of my life.


For me, I find it easy to smile at others because I don’t see us as strangers, but as two people with deep and colorful experiences called life. I naturally value the lives of those I don’t know because they’re just as real to themselves as I am to me. Who am I to deny the validity of that nature? And so it’s easy to care about them as fellow human beings, and the smile comes naturally.


@SkinnyMe @Jaidex it seems you guys are function highly at social aspect.I don’t have the insight of how to function well or okay socially.I just get tired around people and cannot get myself to smile at people,I would put in any effort to be able to do that,I want to be a happy person like this :smile:

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I can appear happy on the outside but in reality nothing makes me as happy these days as to just being healthy. Lie in bed with a Popsicle, watch a show, take a nap. no nausea, a little time to just forget I am sick.

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I keep focusing on the people eyes from one to another.

It makes me look like a criminal

I have been told I frown a lot and do not laugh or smile often.

Even have little lines going down my mouth.

It is nice to smile.

I wish us smiles.

The people I am with are so loud.
Like they want to prove themselves.
I do not think I have same sense of humour as them.

I am nauseous and dizzy and feel awful.

I may have my people somewhere.
I like to think so.

He is surrounded by his friends and family and I am not.

I miss my neigher but am having a break from riding her.

I dose her for years and only fell off once.
We ride just her and I but she has been a bit frisky like we have to start o et I’m away.

I love seeing my boyfriend laugh and smile but I really do not have their sense of humour I think.
And so loud .

Love seeing my family smile too some of them do not smile so often either.

I miss my people if I have. People which I believe I do.

My stepmom I had who raised me aswell has the lines down her mouth like I do too.
Like the upside down smile the mouth lines hang down but we look. Ether when we smile.

Feel better too perhaps.

I do not laugh every week .
Not every month either I think.


Wishing us good smiles and laughs

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