Can you smile

I honestly have a hard time smiling. Not in any pictures, not alone, and awkwardly with other people.The School of hard knocks I guess


Hurts when I use muscles I haven’t used in a long time.


No I wish long ago brb

I cannot remember when was the last time I smile.

I know I have gone through years where I haven’t. But now I can.


I have made myself smile. It did not come naturally to me at all, but I learned that I get a better reaction from people when I smile, and it can even lift my mood. Just yesterday I got a nice comment from a coworker that because I’m always smiling it lifts her spirits when she sees me. That was an amazing thing for me to hear.
You can learn to smile, just like other good habits.:grin:


I smile.

I smile cause I need to blend in with everyone, also I think I’m a bit shy which sux

I either fake it or grin at inappropriate moments. :slight_smile:

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I do sometimes. Not a lot mostly I fake it.

Only by myself, and even then my smile is wrong. My jaw is crooked or my mouth is open, or I’m just flashing my teeth, but that’s how I show my happiness. When I’m with people I smile but it’s half-assed and it’s fake. In photos I don’t even show my teeth

I can smile when I hear something funny, like a joke or something. I don’t like to smile wide because I have a wide face and I think it makes me look goofy. It’s hard for me to make a smile seem genuine for a picture. I kind of half-smile.

I can smile when it’s appropriate, but I do have to force it

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