How do I make myself like smile and accept people smiling?

I always had awkward feeling to smiles and happiness,like people put a smile on char Internet,mobiles,I feel "intimidated"like they are much happier than I do,which is not very true,what’s all these thoughts in my head regarding the smiles and also greeting people,like saying hi or acknowledging people,it really takes a lot of effort for me to do these

I am thinking of hatred or don’t live up to expectation

smiling is not something you need to do, if you want to smile then smile, if you don’t then thats fine, i don’t think anybody can force you to smile though, maybe you feel you should because you think you should but not because you want to, there is a lot of psychology behind a smile,

how do you know when and when not to smile, when is it appropriate, should i smile and look away, the list is endless, its all body language and self expression which is something that i found really hard to do on my old med.

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■■■■ your right

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i have that no exspresstions most of the time