I want to be an animator

I can’t draw. At all. But I’ve always loved the medium, the storytelling, everything about cartoons. So I’m going to learn how


Drawing is difficult for me. My sister uses Adobe Illustrator to draw. Animation is far more complicated than still-picture.

Hopefully you will succeed in learning.

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I’m an animator! :slight_smile: not officially, but it’s what I’m going to school for! Check out The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams, it’s what we use as a textbook here at my college. Best of luck with learning!


There are usually animators live streaming their work on twitch. I’ve watched several. It’s fascinating.

If you ever want to feel encouraged to start drawing, ask a really good artist to show you some of their early work. I used to think drawing was something you were either good at or not, but after watching some of the artists on here post heir work, I realized that everyone starts out at pretty much the same level, and some folks just practice for hours every day until they’re amazing!


My cousin is studying for it, they work all day.

I believe that anyone who wants to do something badly enough can do it. I’ve seen it among my peers who I smugly thought, when I used to be a cock, weren’t as naturally able as I was. They proved me wrong so many times, so now I am of a different opinion. It’s much more about the amount of work you put into it then the “natural” level you start out with. Therefore, don’t give up if it seems tough at first. Your first cartoon won’t be your best, but prolly not your worst, either.

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This seems to be a common fallacy. At the end of the day practising something will only get you so far. I draw like a 6-7 year old of not particularly good ability. My O level year at school we had to do a minor subject . The best I could opt for was art even though I was crap. The art teacher tried his best with me but I never did become remotely averagely proficient.

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