I am very bad at drawing

i feel very bad :sob:

i dont know what to draw

I met an artist he draw himself drawing himself from himself.

What about a scene in Spacecafe.

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I’m very bad at drawing too !
I don’t draw much better than when I was a child.


I envied my friends who were drawing much better than me in school.


If I can draw a stick figure, I’m doing well. I can’t paint either. I don’t mean art, I mean slathering it on the walls. I get it on the ceiling, I miss spots, I’m just really bad with a brush or rollers. I make up for it in other ways though, but I’m not letting you in on my secret. :stuck_out_tongue:


Even in university I sucked at drawing in physiology and biology courses, my friends and other students drew much better than me :slightly_frowning_face:


Haha you should see me perform “art”. And its very ironic because my grandfather is an amazing artist and has been for probably 60 years now. Some on my family get it, some don’t. I certainly do not, and when I was in art class at school for every grade since 6th, my teachers would always wonder why I wasn’t any good. Some of my teachers even took classes from my grandpa lol. I got like a c every year, and I was horrendous at art. Yet, I decided to do art classes over any other elective.


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