I wanna quit my job?

This is one of the easiet jobs i ever had. I work part time 20hrs a week, but i feel so demotivated even to come in. At work i dont talk much and I get tired even after one hour. I like this job a lot, just my SZ and medication makes me lose motivation in everything. I also just 6 weeks ago returned from my 10 weeks hospitalization, so my brain chemistry and mood is still stabilizing. I also reduced some medication dosage so it would make possible to work. I hate my country that a disabled person has to work.


Hang in there @Newlyborn. It’s great that you have a job that you like and it’s great that you have insight into your illness as the cause of your lack of motivation. You are strong enough to do this. You can prevail. Best wishes for everything.

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What country is that?

If you end up spending too much away from work I recommend you head to mental illness social security. Same thing happened to me when the illness went out of control.

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What country?

Lithuania 151515

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