Should I keep working?

So i am currently working as a waiter at a local burger place for a minimum wage. Some shifts are 11 hours long and it was really stressful at first, cause i need to serve people food, work with a cash register and do the cleaning of dining area. I got stress shocked on my 2nd work week that i gave in my 2 weeks notice and said because I have sz and im disabled. My boss accepted it but i continued to work for this time and I started to feel almost like 0 stress at work (i feel stress before work). As I continue working we talked about my condition with my employers and they realized im quite stable 1 full year without any major episodes. And whenever i was able to deal with a rush hours, my employers said “here you see, you are dealing with it pretty well”. So towards the end (my lasts shifts should be this weekend) I said maybe i am lingering towards staying and he said that I should take completely make my mind. He gave me a green light to stay so ita only up to me. What do you think, should i stay at work until my next relapse or quit now and focus on my health. Bear in my mind that my disability allowance is 260€ a month and minimum wage thoughout the month full times makes me 400€.

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I think you should stay. Working in a way is focusing on your health too. If you can cope rather stay. I work too and if my condition gets too bad that I can’t cope that’s an early warning that meds need changing. If you have an understanding employer you want to hold onto that

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IDK. I worked at Kohl’s unloading trucks , stocking shelves, ticketing items and some other duties. One day I had a six hour shift. I forgot what I was doing but around the middle of the day I thought was going to have to go to the hospital. I had been out for about 15 years but I thought, “This is it, about five more minutes and I’m going to lose it and really freak out and have to go to the psyche ward.” Coincidentally my boss walked into where I was working right then and asked me if I wanted to leave early and have the rest of the day off. He didn’t know what I was going through and we rarely got to leave early and I jumped at the chance. And I immediately felt better and I left and drove home and started feeling OK again.

And I worked there another year or so and never felt that bad again.
I think you see my point.

I think AA says it more clearly and succinct: “Don’t quit ten minutes before the miracle happens.”

Making important, life changing decisions based on temporary feelings can cause us to make bad decisions. I do it, everybody does it. But sitting down and weighing all the pros and cons could steer you to make the right decision. If it was me, well, I’ve stayed at jobs until the bitter end, no matter how I felt or how much I hated the job. I either got fired or laid off. I’m bad at quitting jobs, I stick around until I get the boot.
You know yourself better then me. I don’t want to give you bad advice.

But things could maybe get better there if you stay and ride it out. The longer you stay, the more you will learn your job and when you know it well it might get easier and less stressful.


I admire you @77nick77 for being “bad at quitting jobs”. I was always too good at quitting jobs. I was also good at getting fired.

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if you can work then i would keep doing it but if it really is getting too much then your health comes first and you should stop…

Maybe look for an easier job? 11 hour shifts is tough I find the least stressful jobs are being a cook or working on the computer

I think you should keep working.

Keep working if your symptoms are manageable while working.

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How many hours do you work per week? I’m asking because you could work less hours.

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