Hate my job, but haven't got the guts to go on disability

I work in a church, it’s pretty stressfull and my private life is a mess because i use all my energy to keep my job.

If i quit I would have a pretty good chance to get a disability advantage.

You have to be strong to create your own meaningful life on disability, and i don’t know if i have got the strength.


Sometimes you have to take risks.

I am trying to make a small landscaping business work out, but not sure how it will go.

In March 2020 just before lockdown/Covid happened, I rage quit my job, and people tell me now I am as well as they can remember for a long time.

Now I have got no place for stress.

Sometimes it can feel daunting leaving something safe, and I found that the prospect of it happening can make you even worse until you do it. Just plan for it and do the best you can.

Best of luck. I know its a hard position to be in


Good point… I think there is a real opportunity i will flourish on disability and be a good friend and help my family along. Now i don’t have time cause of the job.

Can you get disability in Dk with your diagnosis?

Oh yes, i have a big fat history of not being being able to work, i have had over 100 jobs, and in the recent year tre hospitalizations.

Are you on disability here in DK?

Not yet, but I might be headed that way. I am getting money, but I can’t even remember what’s it called.

Ha, ha… The danish system is very complicated. I’m on “Fleksjob” a supported job, where the “kommune” pays some of you wages. It could be a solution for you if you just want to work some hours but not full time.

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I think they want to try that first, but with my record I’m bound to fail miserably.

You should try to give it a go. I have a friend who works in a library for 8 hours a week, not a stressful job like mine.

I think that for us schizos it’s good to have just a superficial contact with the mundane world.

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If you can tolerate it, you’re better off working. I found people seemed to try to make it impossible to work again.


I know, i will try to ask for reduced time or other tasks.

My suggestion is to work as long as you can.

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Youre probably right… the problem is the funerals, baptizing, weddings and communion. The rest is handy man work and cleaning, and i should be able to do at least that, even it’s boring.

I like the place and my colleagues.

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I am in a similar situation. My job has been super stressful, high pressure, and I really don’t like it. I am scared to go on disability because of financial reasons. It wouldn’t be enough. But then again I don’t know how long I can keep working this job, and I haven’t been able to get another job yet. I don’t even know what other job I can do.

I would suggest to try to keep working, but if you do go on disability, it doesn’t mean you won’t thrive. like you said, now you’ll have more time for other things

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If I worked in a church I would hate it too. I don’t blame you.

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I tend not to think about the financial reasons because it worsen my stress. A social worker once said to me - “you have to be strong to go on disability, and I don’t think you have the strength.”

It’s hard to maintain job for SZ people. You have to deal with a complicated MI meanwhile keeping all the normal roleplay involved in a job.

I will try to maintain my job, thanks for the advice, my boss is very tolerant to my strange behavior and tendency to isolation.

@Qwerty - a church in Denmark is a very soft institution (subsided by the state) with a whiff of christianity, i wouldn’t make it in a dogmatic hard line church

You could talk to one of the elders or pastors and see what he they have to say. They might help you with something more chill to do.

Yeah, the pastors are fine, but the boss is not a cleric / pastor, but she is nice even though.

I think i can get some handy man work, and cleaning instead of stressful - but interesting - funerals, weddings, or any of the other services.

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I’m on disability but also volunteer regularly. I am well respected in my community. I also go to school full time so it’s not like I really need to work to save face tho

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