I quit my job

It was too much for me, I liked my boss but dealing with a lot of customers gave me nightmares. Also long 11hrs shifts were exhausting. At least i got paid for the time i worked. I learned now, i will look for qualified job as I have a degree in history and I have quite good English language skills in my native country.


Will you apply for disability?

Im already on disability allowance, but in my country is so small, like im getting 150€ a month, but thats a low one. I am supposed to get bigger one like 250€ a month. I dont get bigger one, because my countrys bureaucrats assume i get some kind allowance from UK because i lived there for some time. It will take months or a year until I start getting the bigger one. But imagine everything costs the same as in western countries and you get 250€. I am trying to quit smoking, cause without my mom’s support in the future i wont be able to afford smoking

■■■■■■■ good deal.

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