I wanna know if I have an intellectual disability

Most likely not but its possible

I don’t think you have intellectual disabilities, but your negative symptoms might effect you.

Why don’t u think that?

I think your intellectual abilities, are different than negative symptoms.

I feel dumb and unable to do anything

I think your intellectual abilities stay the same, even if negative symptoms affects your intellectual abilities . :smiley:

@Crystal-Cotton You are more likely to be at the other end of the scale.

Why I can’t do calculus or trig then

That doesn’t make you stupid. Those are things some very intelligent people can’t do.

(e.g. CS Lewis - clearly with extremely high intelligence in the linguistic domain - was utterly unable to pass the school certificate mathematics exam despite many attempts - probably set to be passable by the top ten-fifteen percent of the population.)

Yes but they call me mathematically gifted :confused:

The best way to perform at your best is to deal with the symptoms of psychosis by taking your meds, and making use of other help to maximise your potential.

But how to get them to Iq Test me

There are different types of intelligence. The IQ test as we know it in the West is not only culturally biased, but it is gender and racially biased as well. For example, those of us who have been socialised as females have different ways of approaching problem solving than those socialised as males. The test does not take that into account. There is also emotional intelligence, non verbal intelligence, etc. The regular test measures your logic to a certain degree, but does not measure creative or artistic or musical ability. Also, since you’re here in this forum, you’re probably not neurotypical, and that also will affect your score. What I’m saying is, the standard IQ test isn’t reliable and is often not used anymore as a measuring rod in schools.

And your score has nothing to do with how you use it. It’s probably not healthy to focus on a number with so many variables, because it says nothing about the human being you are. As long a you have a curiosity to learn new things (and you do, or you wouldn’t be asking this question), I think you’ll be fine.


But I think I have an ID

That may be so, but how do you think it will help you to know?

It doesn’t change your worth as a human being.

Idk i could get help if i was diagnosed

Are you talking about getting tutoring for greater understanding of subjects you’re not that great in? Or?
What kind of help do you think you need, and from whom?

Yeah and how to do daily stuff

I think all of us with mental illness need help with daily stuff. I had a care giver for 4 years, because I get frustrated about making my own food. I don’t know if that’s an intellectual disability or not, but it’s certainly more related to schizophrenia (for me) than anything else.

But I can relate to wanting a key to the City of Me. It’s frustrating to not have answers about the brain we carry.
Maybe try a neuropsychologist? They test that stuff, and are pretty knowledgeable. My insurance paid for my evaluation. Look into that?
I’m sorry you’re struggling.

How to do that :confused: