I feel dumb

What if people have deluded me to believe I’m above avg in IQ

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Why don’t you keep yourself busy to avoid negative thoughts?

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I don’t think you are dumb.

Have you heard of neurodivergence? That is the idea that the human brain is diverse. Everyone deals with things differently. Having autism means that you just see the world in a different way. It doesn’t mean you’re dumb. I just think you’re neurodivergent. :slight_smile:

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Yes but my brain is dumb

@Crystal-Cotton I know how you feel. Defensive boasting to camouflage a fragile sense of self worth aside I worry that I’m not up to scratch mentally . That in spite of some good scores, like you’ve achieved. If I do well on a test it was probably easy and most people could do well on it is the way my mind leans . I t would be good to hear that in 6 years time, having successfully battled your mental health problems , you’d managed to get a 1st class degree in maths . I don’t think that’s beyond reach for you.

What do you mean?

I think you’re experiencing a very high degree of anxiety.

The imposter phenomenon in adolescents.pdf (232.7 KB)

I’m not anxious :frowning:

You’re are not dumb. IQ level isn’t everything, there are different types of intelligence. Think about positive stuff or do things that make you happy.

Yeah but for me iq is important

I understand… for me emotional intelligence, empathy and compassion are important… we are all different. And again you are not dumb and I’m sorry you feel that way.

You asked what the WAIS was like. I took this test in 2010 by a psychologist. It took me within one hour to do the was mainly puzzles and word comprehension test, etc I don’t think it would be that hard to malinger.

I’m happy with my IQ 69, this is what I wanted to achieve as it opened more options for me. IQ isn’t anything, you could have an IQ of 130 and still be socially inept… You could have an IQ of 70 and socially function pretty good but perform bad academically. I know for with my IQ of 69 I go on 2/3 holidays abroad a year and live a good life and I’m happy and content.

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Aspergers + negatives (having both) sucks balls.

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I’ve been sectioned 13 times in 10 years. It might be an illusion for myself how functional I am. I’m on a CTO being injected against my will. who’s knows? 2/3/4 holidays might be an illusion?

Aren’t you in a psyche ward, on powerful aps, separate from your mother, only 14 years old etc. Give the hard maths a break for a while until your mind isn’t burdened with stressful events and chemicals.

Also just because you may be gifted in math doesn’t mean you don’t have to try hard to learn it. But don’t try hard to learn it right now. It’s not a good time in my schizophrenic opinion.

When I was on high dose ap I couldnt do any math question either you are not alone

I’m 16 but yesh

“Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will believe its whole life that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein -
I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve know people with very high IQ’s who suffered some kind of social or moral deficit. I heard one guy say one time, “For someone who is supposed to be smart, how come I am so dumb?” There was a book written a few decades ago called “Emotional Intelligence”. It said that traits like perseverance, altruism, social grace, and respect for authority make more of a difference in your potential success than raw intelligence. I once met a guy who had an IQ of 158, and he was totally dysfunctional. I believed him when he said he had an IQ of 158 because he knew a lot of vocabulary that I didn’t, and I have a pretty good vocabulary. He wasn’t a nice person. They say that serial killers generally have a high IQ. The main thing is to find some kind of way in life where you are doing something you like at your job and you have a warm and supportive family and you feel okay about yourself. Make the best out of bad situations. Things will get easier as you grow older.

How to get them to agree to the test :confused:

I really wanna know my current IQ