I wanna get even

I know it’s unforgiving and immature, but it’s honest.

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who do you want to get even with? I’m afraid to ask.

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My mother, who got even with her mother through me. Only difference is I don’t have a daughter to use to get even with.

Moving on and being happy is the sweetest revenge! Live your life free


@velociraptor, mother wouldn’t take me home after I lost my job.

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I agree with @anon98519533 . It’s time to move on Chordy.


@chordy I’m working on letting go of that feeling in therapy. It’s hard. One of the things I’m learning is that nothing my mom does will ever make up for the way she hurt me. So I need to stop waiting for her to make it right. She will never apologize, and may not even be capable of it. So, I’m working on letting go of all my expectations of her. Instead, I’m trying to focus on ways I can heal from my trauma without her help. Maybe that could help you, too.


forgiveness is a sign of strength and peace my friend


I had to get a job in junior high to pay for groceries as my mother was disabled. She’s been dead for 28 years now and I have to say our relationship has never been better.

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Mine has been for 8. I long for what could have been not what was.

Sure. I would like to get even with my rapist. I would like to get even with my alcoholic dad. I would like to get even with the bullies from school. But I won’t get that. Just enjoy your life.


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