I'm in the mood to

Sit on the porch at my mom’s house and watch it snow with her and see how happy she is that she has her own place out in the country with her own herd of deer that come every day for cracked corn and to get a drink out of her pond. I really miss that. I really just want my mom back.


Yea it is fun having a mum

I’m glad u have fond memories with her :heart:

I’m sorry about your mom @Leaf.

I know how you feel @Leaf My mom passed away several months ago and i ended up selling my house and moving to my mom’s house. It’s a very nice house but it is so full of memories since she lived there for more than two decades. I have spent alot of time sorting through things including old photos. Such bittersweet memories! I also inherited my mom’s two cats. They seem to miss her too.


I’m sorry about your moms @Leaf @Moonbeam . It must be so hard on you. I’m lucky I still have my mom. She wasn’t a good mom growing up, but she became my best friend in adulthood. She’s really made up for all the bad times. I’ll really miss her when she passes.