I’ve overstayed my welcome here in the states

I live in the states, LA since birth to be precise. I think I’ve overstayed my welcome. I’ve been a marijuana addict for 20 years and it’s time I got sober for good. One option is moving abroad to another country where drug laws are strict. Is it a bit over the top? I’m sure it is but being a sz pothead in a liberal town… something’s gotta give. I’m giving myself six months to prep.

Stopping weed is like stopping smoking, you can do it, I did. Vaping helped me. You can get marijuana illegally everywhere so you will have more issues.


Try vaping 40-50mg nicotine salts. I have both 40 and 50, they helped me stop weed.

Way, way over the top dude. Learn some self control. I’ve been an addict of energy drinks for 15 years so I feel for ya. I only quit for 1 year out of those years. I could have bought nice car or something. I don’t think I can quit the drinks because I am weak from the schizophrenia. If I didn’t have a mental illness, I wouldn’t be drinking 10 every day. I would be drinking like 1. I have an addictive personality and make bad choices all the time. It’s willpower man. Mind over matter. Since your addiction is serious, you qualify for rehab and therapy and insurance should cover it.


@aziz: I’m only a pothead due to the legality of mj here. I’m not one to go out looking for a pot dealer. If it is illegal somewhere else, I’d have an exponentially better chance of staying sober there. What are nicotine salts?

@anon28145038: I should just add I’m at risk of being incarcerated or institutionalized or homeless. I know pot is marginalized as just being a fun, harmless drug. But it’s when one has access to a car and money there in lies the trouble. I just have this gut feeling I’m going to end up in jail or on the streets. It would be a move out of self preservation.
I didn’t know one could be addicted to energy drinks. I like a Monster every now and again but it makes me fidgety, the overload of sugar makes me anxious. 10 cans a day sounds expensive… I guess i can’t fully understand your addiction just as much as you can understand mine. I’ve burned through every bridge due to my pot smoking, I’d just like a fresh start somewhere where the temptation isn’t there.


Its a stronger form of nicotine, its also less irritating.

Hi wishing you strength to quit. Are there any states in America where marijuana is not legal? A big move can be very stressful but not undoable

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Doesn’t sound like it’s the fault of where you live, sounds like a personal failing. It’s called relocation sobriety And it doesn’t work, running from your demons but not facing up and seeing you yourself are the problem.

If the only thing that you think will keep You from being an addict is to deny yourself instead of finding out the real issue And working on it, you’re going to fail and suffer the whole time.

Quit blaming your issues on accessibility, and start pointing your fingers on more appropriate culprits.

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Thanks. I’ve thought about Texas but my addict brain will drive across state lines for a fix. A move abroad would be stressful but I did live there for about a year after I graduated college. I could actually keep my ssdi while living abroad and the cost of living is about 1/3 of the cost of living in LA (rent for a 1 bedroom apt is about US $450).

@gene Have you ever tried Narcotics Anonymous (NA) ? You sound like you’re desperate to quit so I’d give them a call when this whole covid19 thing calms down.

What you’re suggesting sounds ultra drastic.


@Ooorgle: i agree to some extent. I’m at wits end with sobriety. I can make all the excuses why it’s not working but I know deep down that a change in environment is my best option. It’s just a fresh start and I know the terrain. My hands are up- I surrender at not knowing how to be sz and an addict.
@everhopeful: I’ve been in MA (marijuana anonymous) for the duration of my battle. I feel like crying how much pot has affected my existence. No matter how deep down I reach or what interventions I give myself, I inevitably relapse. Moving is drastic but I’m financially afloat and have some family overseas who could ease the transition.

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How long does it take to get from the southern most part of Texas to the border of another state?

I don’t know but Mexico will beckon lol

That’s true I hadn’t thought about Mexico, I think if you spend the next 6months thinking about it thoroughly you will come up with some solution.

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I made a deal with myself: if I can stay sober during the next six months, I will move. It’ll show others and myself that I’m not just running away from my problems and give me a good boost, kick, into a new environment.

If you live in California its a good time to move anyways lol.

Try smoking high cbd low thc weed, its healthier

No, can’t do that. It’s a treacherous slippery slope.

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Goto Vietnam I heard they kill you if ur caught doing drugs

That’s the Philippines. Their commander in chief severely punishes the drug suppliers and users. Coincidentally, i’m not thinking of moving to the Philippines but nearby In south east Asia.