After this pandemic we well have ........more alcoholic and stoners then ever before

with this stay at home we also have abuse of schizophrenia people, I hope we survive the new clinics.!


Yeah. Our bottleshops are going gangbusters selling all the alcohol to peeps. Not really a healthy way of approaching lockdown but I’m sure they are selling way more than normal.

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Except for a couple Irish coffees mid-february, I haven’t touched alcohol since January. Beer included. Smoking does enough damage. I don’t need any other harmful addictions.

I had one beer all lockdown and it wasn’t that good

I love black lights, pizza, and nachos.

But I ain’t no stoner.


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I have drank alot of alcohol lately I admit.

Oddly enough I totally quit weed the same month this all started, haven’t returned to it since. It makes me think of death and messes with my memory. I’m about 6 weeks sober with regards to marijuana. No more memory problems, I’m a lot sharper. It’s so much easier to deal with hallucinations when you’re sober. It helps you realize they’re not real people and just figments of a malfunctioning imagination.

Saving myself a good bit of cash also.

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Everyone is different. Alcohol don’t mix well with my meds and my SZ. Alcohol just like weed make me violent, angry and easily triggered. I also had alcohol addiction, I vomited in bars on ppl and my old friends, girls and guys. I stopped drinking and smoking weed, cigars, shisha and cigarettes last year and will never touch them again. Vaping helped me.

Never done drugs, but do drink. But I haven’t been drunk in many many years, since high school. 2 drink max up to 3 times a week. Haven’t done that in awhile, but there’s the rules. I also won’t drive until it’s been 12 hours since last sip of alcohol.

I drink, enjoy it very much and have it well controlled. Definitely smoke like a chimney but just cigarettes, cigars, and vape.

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